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Why the Latest Fad Diet Probably Won’t Work

With the growing obesity problem constantly in the news, it seems as if a new and popular diet springs up every few months. Celebrities hop on the bandwagon, touting great weight losses in a short amount of time. What they don’t show is how most of them put the weight right back on after they quit the diet. This can end up costing you in the long run, from higher insurance rates to bigger doctor bills.

Most fad diets are based on cutting out a particular food group, or restricting your diet to only a few certain foods. Nutritionists say this can be dangerous in the long term, because you’re missing out on important nutrients. Our bodies need protein, which is missing in juice diets and cleanses, and the fats and carbohydrates that many of the one-ingredient (cabbage soup, potato, pineapple) diets omit. No one can stay on these diets for long without feeling sick, and when they go back to their old eating patterns, the weight comes back on.

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