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The Benefits of Umbrella Coverage

Your vehicle and homeowners insurance policies provide you with liability coverage for most situations within certain limits. Umbrella insurance offers additional liability coverage beyond what these policies have to offer. Umbrella insurance also protects you from such claims as libel, false arrest and slander which many other policies don’t provide. Here’s a brief synopsis of what you can expect from umbrella insurance coverage.

Liability for bodily injury – pays medical expenses for individuals injured in an accident you cause. This includes injuries sustained from auto accidents, accidents in your home, animal bites, etc.

Liability for property damage – pays for damages to other people’s property due to accidents you are responsible for. This includes damage to someone else’s vehicle, personal belongings, school property, building, etc.

If you own a rental property, umbrella insurance will protect you against liability claims for injuries people sustain on your property. With umbrella insurance, you are also protected from lawsuits due to slander, false arrest, libel, malicious prosecution or imprisonment.

To learn more about umbrella coverage and costs in California contact Save-On Health Insurance Services located in Los Angeles, CA.