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Take Control and End Your Post-Holiday Blues

Wonderful get-to-gathers and gift-giving for our special ones excite us as the holidays approach. Delicious meals sprawled over decorated and festive tables engulf our senses into pleasant remembrances. Last year’s post-holiday blues have faded away. This year, plan and budget how much you are going to spend on expenses to control your financial fate.  

Make a list of all your expenses
Write down the cost for that special meal, gifts and decorations. If your expenses are more than your budget, do not change your budget. Change your plans so that they will fit what money you have to spend.

Open house instead of gift giving
Instead of purchasing individual gifts for coworkers and friends, plan an open house. Have food that fits into your budget and enjoy.

Track your spending
Everyday, write down what you have spent. You will know how much more you can spend.

Always use cash
Take cash with you as well as a list of what you are buying. This will help prioritize what you need to buy and help stop impulse buying.

At Save-On Health Insurance Services, Inc., Los Angeles, California, holiday financial post-blues are very concerning. We would like to help in anyway possible.