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Why Life Insurance Is Important for Singles

Many single people incorrectly believe that life insurance is not something they should consider. They may feel like life insurance is for those who are married, have children or who have significant financial responsibilities. That is simply not the case. Here are some very good reasons single people should consider getting life insurance now.

  • Final expenses are expensive. Even a modest funeral can cost $5,000 or more and that is not a burden that a family member should bear.
  • You may have loans that have been co-signed by someone else. If that is the case, your co-signer will still be obligated for that loan.
  • Life insurance is at its least expensive when you are young and in good health. You may be surprised with how much term life insurance you can get for a few dollars a month.
  • Maybe you want to leave a legacy. Life insurance is an affordable way to leave a significant donation to a non-profit organization in your name.
  • Perhaps you are an unmarried parent. If that is the case life insurance can make a significant impact on the life of your child.
  • You have elderly parents that are counting on your assistance as they age. An insurance policy on your life can make all the difference in the world.

If you would like a free, no obligation life insurance quote, contact us at Save-On Health Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California. We can show you how affordable life insurance for a single person can be!