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Is It Time to Update Your Life Insurance?

If you’ve experienced a major change in your life, you might want to review your life insurance policy. You’ll want to make sure the amount of coverage, your beneficiaries and even the type of policy you have reflect your current circumstances.

You may need updated insurance if:

  • You have a child, adopt or someone becomes dependent on you.
  • Your family’s standard of living has changed since you obtained insurance.
  • A family member requires medical treatment or has special needs.
  • You bought your policy before 2009 (policies before 2009 use outdated mortality tables).
  • You pay off a mortgage or other significant debts.
  • You anticipate significant expenses that were not a factor when you bought the policy.
  • You have started a business venture.
  • You want to change or add a beneficiary.

Before making a change, ask your insurance agent:

  • Do I have enough coverage for my needs?
  • Am I paying competitive rates for someone of my age, health status and financial status?
  • Should I consider a switch between term, whole or universal coverage?
  • Is there any equity in my whole life policy and what will happen if I discontinue it?
  • If I switch to term life insurance, how long should the policy last?

To learn more about life insurance options in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Health Insurance Services.