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Here’s Why You Should Buy Health Insurance

A lot of grumbling has been coming from the populace about "being forced" to buy health insurance. The idea of a law that requires people to do something that is a cost is not appealing to many. However, there’s good reasons why to have coverage, even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.

Having health insurance could be considered a form of preventative maintenance. Someone who knows they are covered when they are sick are far more likely to take care of the problem sooner, when it is easily fixed, than later, when the problem is more costly to treat. The healthier the population, the lower health care costs stay for everyone.

Even though the costs seem high now, the potential for the rates to go lower in the future is there. More insured individuals and families spreads the risk of a claim farther, thus lowering the overall cost. It works like this: insurance companies pool their customers into groups. Someone in a smaller pool of like individuals is going to pay more money than someone who is in a larger pool. The more people in the same pool, the lower the cost, and the Health Care Act brings in more people to create a larger pool. Eventually, everyone gets lower premiums.

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