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Get To Know The Affordable Care Act Coverage Levels

Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans come in four different levels. Coverage and range of benefits vary by level. However, the ACA requires that each level covers the same basic health benefits for everyone.

The bronze level, which is the lowest, offers coverage for 60 percent of health care costs. This level also has the lowest monthly premium cost.

The silver levels covers 70 percent of health care costs.

The gold level increases coverage to 80 percent of health care costs.

The platinum level, which is the highest, covers 90 percent of health care costs. As the highest level available, this one also has the highest monthly premium.

With each of these levels, the leftover percentage of costs is left to the enrollee to pay. As you move up a level, your cost-sharing percentage lowers but your monthly premium rises.

For more information on insurance coverage levels under the Affordable Care Act in the greater Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Health Insurance Services today.