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Will Obamacare be a Net Benefit for the Country?

Politicians on both sides of the aisle will undoubtedly continue to spin the actual facts about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, to support their respective causes, however the most important metric to look at is whether or not the healthcare system in the Untied States is better or worse of as a result of this law.

While it is still too early to know for sure, some of the metrics that should be considered are: the number of Americans covered, particularly in relation to the number enrolled before the law was passed, the cost of coverage and the rate of price increases in the healthcare industry, and quality of care.

We should know within the next few months how many are actually enrolled and paying for coverage through Obamacare, but we won’t know for a few years whether the other metrics are better or worse off under this program.


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