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What Self-Employed California Residents Should Know About the ACA

Self employed individuals have always felt somewhat of a burden when it comes to health insurance, but upcoming changes associated with the Affordable Care Act have many individuals nervous. Here are some basic things to understand about how the ACA comes into play for self-employed individuals.

  • Self-employed individuals without any employees don’t have to worry about mandates associated with employers.
  • If your business isn’t an Inc. or other legal set up and you earn an income from consulting or other work, you are self-employed and eligible to apply for individual insurance in the ACA marketplace.
  • California’s health insurance marketplace is known as Covered California and features numerous coverage options, including plans for the self employed.
  • Even if you’ve had trouble securing an individual health policy in the past due to pre-existing conditions, you’ll be able to find options on the Covered California marketplace.

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