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Understanding Your Health Insurance Coverage

Knowing what your health insurance will cover is important to understanding what will be paid out of pocket during any hospital visits. 

There are different coverage options you can choose from, the most common being:

  • PPO: This coverage will give you access to services for a reduced cost. This coverage will cover all or most of the cost for a treatment. 
  • HMO: This a group plan in which you pay a flat fee. Then you will have access to services from hospitals that participate with this coverage. Typically, you will pay co-payments, but you will not have to pay deductibles. 
  • Fee-For-Service: This is the most traditional type of coverage in which you will be able to visit any doctor of your choice. During your visit, you will pay for the services then make a claim with your health insurance for reimbursement. 

With Save-On Health Insurance Services, we will help you find a health insurance option that is affordable, but will still provide high quality services. Every individual qualifies for different conditions on their health insurance coverage. It is important to use our services to find the perfect match for your own individual needs. 

 For more information about your health insurance coverage in California please contact Save-On Health Insurance Services, located in Los Angeles.