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The Ins and Outs of Workers Compensation Insurance

Employees and employers often find the workers compensation system confusing. Here are three of the most frequently asked questions:

Who pays for workers compensation?
California law requires most employers to provide workers compensation insurance. If a business has sufficient reserves, the benefit can be self-insured. Other businesses can purchase policies through insurance carriers.

Who is covered by workers compensation?

Full- and part-time employees, management, business owners and partners can all be covered by workers compensation. Contractors and temporary employees may also be covered, depending on whether a staffing agency provides coverage.

What does workers compensation cover?
Employees who are injured or fall ill on the job can receive coverage for:

1. Medical treatment, tests, and medications
2. Compensation for time missed from work (usually two-thirds of the employee’s salary)
3. Permanent disability payments if the employee cannot return to work (based on the employee’s salary, age and the extent of the disability).
4. Rehabilitation to help an employee return to work or learn a new skill. Employees do not have to accept rehabilitation.
5. Transportation costs related to treatment and rehabilitation.

In addition, family members and dependents may receive death benefits if an employee does not survive the injury or illness.

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