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The Deadline Changes for Enrollment in Covered CA and Obamacare

The deadline to get health insurance on March 31 has come and gone with many still trying to get a policy. Millions of people tried to access the websites for Obamacare and Covered CA, resulting in many not being able to enroll. The federal administration anticipated the server overload and has extended the deadline for getting coverage until April 15, although it is possible another extension will be added. Anyone who is trying to enroll can check a box that says they tried to get insurance online, but were unable to, qualifying them for the extension.

Covered CA is operating on the same premise that users were unable to get onto the website by the end of the day on March 31, and has created the same extension. California residents have until April 15 to contact a representative at a Covered California Service Center or a certified enrollment counselor to talk about their difficulties and get the extension.

Both the federal government and California state officials were aware that accessing the sites could get difficult, and created the extension as a result.

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