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What kind of annuity is right for you?

An annuity can be an appropriate investment for anyone who is looking to generate a stream of income in the future. Annuities are sold by insurance companies and are aimed primarily at people looking for a guaranteed source of income when they retire. There are many different types of annuities and many different insurance companies that offer them. 

An annuity can be immediate or it can be deferred. With an immediate annuity, you make a one-time lump sum payment and begin receiving monthly payouts immediately. With a deferred annuity, you make a payment today and start receiving monthly payouts at some point in the future. 

You can purchase an annuity that will guarantee income for the rest of your life, or, you can purchase a period certain annuity that pays out for a specified period of time like 10 years. When you purchase an annuity, the amount of your monthly check is determined by such things as the amount you invested, your life expectancy, and the rate of interest you receive on the annuity. 

Annuities are complicated financial products and it is always good to review them with an insurance professional before you buy. For answers to all of your annuity questions, please contact Save-on Health Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California.  

Five Things You Must Do Before Selecting An Insurance Agent

Everyone needs insurance; however, many people don’t put much thought into selecting the right agent.  Selecting the right insurance agent should be as important to you as selecting the right doctor. 

The most likely reason people don’t spend enough time qualifying their prospective insurance agents is probably because they don’t know what to look for or the right questions to ask. 

Here are some quick tips that will help you find a good insurance agent.

1.  Find out if they’re an independent insurance agent or just an insurance agent.  An independent insurance agent is a small business owner who represents several different insurance companies and therefore will be able to shop the best deal for you.  Whereas an insurance agent sells directly to you without an agent and only works for one insurance company so he won’t be able to shop around for the lowest prices for you. 

2.  Ask your friends, family and co-workers for referrals. 

3.  Browse your prospective insurance company’s website.  Is it full of information?  Read about their history and each of the staff bio pages.  Do they have any customer testimonials?

4.  Look for their credentials.  If an agent has letters next to their name on the website or on their business cards, that’s an indication that they represent professional designations.  For example:  CIC stands for Certified Insurance Counselor, CPCU stands for Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter, ARM stands for Associate in Risk Management.  An agent is required to take continuing education classes in order to maintain these designations.  Therefore, he has the knowledge necessary to provide you with professional recommendations that would best suit your needs.

5.  Take some time to personally interview your prospective insurance agent to get a feel for their knowledge and their integrity. 

After performing your due diligence and have found an insurance agent that has the expertise you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you’ve probably found a good insurance agent who will be able to provide you with exceptional service for years to come.

If you’re in need of insurance, please contact us.  Save-On Health Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency in Los Angeles, California.  We have been serving this community for more than 20 years and we represent only the top rated California companies so we can offer you the lowest possible prices.








How To Use Nondrug Options To Help Cure Your Depression

Almost 16 million Americans are afflicted by depression in varying degrees.  Most people would do just about anything to feel better.  However, many of the popular prescription medications come with pages of side effects.  So what’s a person to do?  There are several nondrug ways you can use to help reduce or even eliminate your symptoms of depression. 

Here’s a list of nondrug ways to battle your depression and live a normal happy life.

1.  Exercise.  Exercise helps mood-regulating chemicals in your brain such as norepinephrine and serotonin work to help you feel better.  It also releases endorphins which can also alter your mood. 

2.  Light Therapy.  You can utilize light therapy by sitting by a light box that mimics outdoor light.  Light therapy usually begins with 15 minute per day sessions and can increase up to two hours per day if needed.  The amount of time you undergo light therapy is determined by the severity of your symptoms.  This can be determined by your doctor.  Light therapy isn’t a cure for depression; however, it does help ease the symptoms.

3.  Mood Diary.  Using a mood diary will teach you how to use positive thinking to relieve your depression.  A mood diary will help you record all positive things and will help you keep negative events in the proper perspective. 

Thinking positive has shown to increase a person’s mood and overall outlook on life.  Think about how you feel when thinking about happy thoughts – you feel good. Now think about how you feel when you think about bad things – you feel bad.  Therefore, the more you can train your brain to focus on the positive, the happier you’ll be and as a result more good things will come into your life.

There are several other nondrug ways to help your depression.  Such as acupuncture, support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, fish oil and other supplements, meditation, saffron and yoga.  Talk to your doctor about helping you implement some of these nondrug options for depression into your life.  You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re in need of insurance, please contact Save-On Health Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California.  We are an independent insurance agency and have been helping the people of California with all their insurance needs for over 20 years.  Call us today and allow us to show you how much money we can save you.










The Ins and Outs of Workers Compensation Insurance

Employees and employers often find the workers compensation system confusing. Here are three of the most frequently asked questions:

Who pays for workers compensation?
California law requires most employers to provide workers compensation insurance. If a business has sufficient reserves, the benefit can be self-insured. Other businesses can purchase policies through insurance carriers.

Who is covered by workers compensation?

Full- and part-time employees, management, business owners and partners can all be covered by workers compensation. Contractors and temporary employees may also be covered, depending on whether a staffing agency provides coverage.

What does workers compensation cover?
Employees who are injured or fall ill on the job can receive coverage for:

1. Medical treatment, tests, and medications
2. Compensation for time missed from work (usually two-thirds of the employee’s salary)
3. Permanent disability payments if the employee cannot return to work (based on the employee’s salary, age and the extent of the disability).
4. Rehabilitation to help an employee return to work or learn a new skill. Employees do not have to accept rehabilitation.
5. Transportation costs related to treatment and rehabilitation.

In addition, family members and dependents may receive death benefits if an employee does not survive the injury or illness.

To learn more about business insurance options in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Health Insurance Services.

The Top Five Shortcuts To Leading A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Heart-healthy – remove this sentence as it was only added to meet the keyword requirement for submission.

If you love eating, then you probably already know that eating a heart-healthy diet is the one thing you can do to ensure a long, happy life that’s free from pain and disease. However, the healthy part of heart-healthy is the part people have the most trouble adhering to.

Here are a few quick and easy shortcuts you can take on your way to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

1.  Cut Your Red Meat Intake.  Red meat is extremely high in saturated fat.  Start by cutting your portions then try substituting as many of your red meat meals as possible with chicken or fish.

2.  Watch Out For Those Fat Grams.  Always read the labels on all packaged foods.  Anything that has more than two grams of saturated fat per serving is considered extremely bad for you.  It’s also a good idea to avoid any food that has more than one gram of trans fat per 100 calories.  Most pre-packaged snack foods don’t fall within the maximum trans fat range.

3.  Eat More Plant Foods.  Plant foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.  They can lower your blood pressure and protect your arteries from damage.  Start slowly and pick one or two plant foods to add to your daily diet.  As your body adjusts, add a few more.  You’ll be surprised how easy this really is and how your body will start to crave the healthy stuff over the junk.  If you find eating plant foods difficult, why not try making some homemade smoothies.  Many smoothie recipes mask the taste of the vegetables you don’t like so you’ll never know the difference.

4.  Watch Your Weight.  If you’re overweight, you have a higher risk of developing heart disease.  However, by implementing the above three steps, you’ll be able to avoid many of the common diseases that plague millions and live a healthy life.

5.  Quit Smoking.  Smoking is the quickest way to develop a myriad of life threatening diseases.  We know you already know this but it’s important that we stress how serious we are about your quitting.  Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit smoking today.

If you would like a free insurance quote, please contact Save-On Health Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California.  We are an independent insurance agency who has access to all of the top rated insurers in California and can therefore offer you the lowest possible rates in the area.



Do I Need to Sign Up for Medicare?

For most people, the first chance to sign up occurs in the year they turn 65. The first sign-up period lasts seven months before and after a person’s birth month.  If you were born in May, for example, the period would run from February to August.

If you don’t sign up during your first eligible period, you can enroll later during Medicare Open Enrollment, which runs from January 1 to March 31. Late enrollment could mean you pay a higher premium, so be sure you’ve considered your options carefully.

The situation changes if you want Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D insurance, or choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. You will need to sign up for those through a private insurer.

Contact Save-On Health Insurance Services, in Los Angeles, California, and help you with all of your retirement insurance needs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us.

5 Simple Energy-Boosting Tips

When you feel drained, you can’t function at work and you can barely muster up the strength to do things you enjoy. If you find yourself crashing before the day gets warmed up, revive your energy with these energy-boosting tips.

  1. Drink up. Being tired is often a sign of dehydration. If you’re feeling sluggish during the day, try drinking a large glass of water. 
  2. Go nuts. Hazelnuts and cashews contain magnesium and protein. Snacking on a handful of these nuts can give you a quick pick-me-up.
  3. Take a stroll. Physical activity has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase energy. Instead of using your lunch break to run errands, strap on your tennis shoes and walk around the block.
  4. Give your coffee a boost. Adding a little low-fat milk to your morning brew will give it a protein-jolt and give you the stamina you need to get things done.
  5. Stop and mediate. Meditation is not only a good way to relax, this practice can make you more alert and energetic.

Drinking water, walk, meditating, eating nuts and adding milk to your coffee can help fight energy-drains and give you the boost you need to feel refreshed during the day.

If you are in Los Angeles, California and need information on the affordable care act or are simply looking for quality health insurance coverage, contact Save-On Health Insurance Services today!

What You Should Know About Medigap Plans

Have you considered Medigap coverage? When you choose a plan keep these points in mind:

1. Medigap is not the same thing as Medicare Advantage. An Advantage plan provides Medicare benefits, usually through a network of preferred providers. Medigap insurance helps pay medical costs that Medicare does not cover, including copayments and deductibles. Medigap also offers services Medicare does not cover, including care when you travel outside the United Sttes.

2. You need Medicare Part A & B coverage to apply for Medigap insurance.

3. Medicare is a government program, but Medigap plans are offered by private insurers.

4. Medigap plans charge a monthly premium over and above your Medicare Part B premium.

5. Medigap plans rarely cover prescriptions. You need Medicare Part D for medication coverage.

6. Vision care, hearing aids, dental work and long-term care are usually not covered by Medigap plans.

7. You can’t have a Medicare Savings Account Plan and a Medigap policy.

8. Your carrier cannot cancel your Medigap plan as long as you pay your premiums.

To learn more about health and Medicare supplement insurance options in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Health Insurance Services.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Coverage

Knowing what your health insurance will cover is important to understanding what will be paid out of pocket during any hospital visits. 

There are different coverage options you can choose from, the most common being:

  • PPO: This coverage will give you access to services for a reduced cost. This coverage will cover all or most of the cost for a treatment. 
  • HMO: This a group plan in which you pay a flat fee. Then you will have access to services from hospitals that participate with this coverage. Typically, you will pay co-payments, but you will not have to pay deductibles. 
  • Fee-For-Service: This is the most traditional type of coverage in which you will be able to visit any doctor of your choice. During your visit, you will pay for the services then make a claim with your health insurance for reimbursement. 

With Save-On Health Insurance Services, we will help you find a health insurance option that is affordable, but will still provide high quality services. Every individual qualifies for different conditions on their health insurance coverage. It is important to use our services to find the perfect match for your own individual needs. 

 For more information about your health insurance coverage in California please contact Save-On Health Insurance Services, located in Los Angeles.