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How To Use Nondrug Options To Help Cure Your Depression

Almost 16 million Americans are afflicted by depression in varying degrees.  Most people would do just about anything to feel better.  However, many of the popular prescription medications come with pages of side effects.  So what’s a person to do?  There are several nondrug ways you can use to help reduce or even eliminate your symptoms of depression. 

Here’s a list of nondrug ways to battle your depression and live a normal happy life.

1.  Exercise.  Exercise helps mood-regulating chemicals in your brain such as norepinephrine and serotonin work to help you feel better.  It also releases endorphins which can also alter your mood. 

2.  Light Therapy.  You can utilize light therapy by sitting by a light box that mimics outdoor light.  Light therapy usually begins with 15 minute per day sessions and can increase up to two hours per day if needed.  The amount of time you undergo light therapy is determined by the severity of your symptoms.  This can be determined by your doctor.  Light therapy isn’t a cure for depression; however, it does help ease the symptoms.

3.  Mood Diary.  Using a mood diary will teach you how to use positive thinking to relieve your depression.  A mood diary will help you record all positive things and will help you keep negative events in the proper perspective. 

Thinking positive has shown to increase a person’s mood and overall outlook on life.  Think about how you feel when thinking about happy thoughts – you feel good. Now think about how you feel when you think about bad things – you feel bad.  Therefore, the more you can train your brain to focus on the positive, the happier you’ll be and as a result more good things will come into your life.

There are several other nondrug ways to help your depression.  Such as acupuncture, support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, fish oil and other supplements, meditation, saffron and yoga.  Talk to your doctor about helping you implement some of these nondrug options for depression into your life.  You’ll be glad you did.

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