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Understanding the Basic Facts of the Affordable Care Act

Are you confused by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare? According to recent polls, you are in good company. The basics of the ACA are not as well disseminated as they should be. Now almost all U.S. citizens and legal residents are required to carry a health insurance policy beginning in 2014 and keep that policy until they are eligible for Medicare.

Probably the most confusing aspect of the marketplace are the issues with the federal government’s website. Some states have their own health exchange website up and running, while others use the federal website in lieu of their own. In the event you don’t want to go through a web portal, you can call a phone number or apply through the mail.

A selection of health plains is available to you, regardless of how you enroll. You buy the plan that makes the most sense for you, and you can reduce its cost with a federal subsidy if you qualify. If you feel you can’t afford a plan, you may be in a state that is expanding Medicaid, which is public health care for the poor. Those who are 26 years old and younger can stay on their parent’s health insurance plan instead of buying their own individual coverage.

Finally, if you get health insurance through your employer, you don’t have to do anything apart from stay on your current plan.

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